What are eCards?

Autumn Publishing eCards are a way to send an elegant and professional message to all of the clients on your email list. Our eCards highlight the Washington DC area. Each eCard is built-to-order from our list of starting templates. There are various customization options available.

What can I customize?
We currently offer three different packages depending on your company’s needs. Our Basic package includes an eCard with your company’s logo and a personal message. Our Premium package includes everything that comes with the Basic package, including unlimited signatures and a corporate photo or, starting this year, a corporate video. Our Ultimate package is a fully custom solution. We build your eCard from the ground up, including pictures of recent projects or videos of your office. The Ultimate package also comes with an end-of-year report, which includes easy to read data about open rates, number of plays, and the average time spent watching the eCard.
How do I send you our logo?
Use our sample request form to upload your logo. Remember that our eCards live by the eternal rule: “Garbage in, garbage out.” The higher resolution your logo and signatures, the better the end result will be. EPS and vector files are best, PDFs a close second. If you have neither, just send a high resolution JPEG and we’ll work our magic.

*Please note: Some templates have dark backgrounds. Some have light backgrounds. We might have to change logos and signatures to a color which will have a higher contrast with the eCard’s background.

We saw Greetings from Washington and we want to insert our own corporate video. Is it difficult?
The company video included on Greetings from Washington was filmed on a standard iPhone. To use your own corporate video all you need is a newer generation smartphone capable of taking video. Again, the higher quality the better.
Ok. So how do we do it?
1. Set up your iPhone or Android phone on a stationary surface (or hold the phone very still to limit shaky movements).
2. Record a quick clip (~5 seconds) of your office or any individuals that you want included in your eCard. Don’t worry too much about start/stop times — we will cut the video to a perfect fit.
3. Upload your video to your computer using a physical cord (don’t email from phone, it will compress the video to an unusable size).
4. Email the video to us at: support@autumnpublishing.com. Please include your name/organization, so that we can match up your info.
5. We will plug the video into the eCard and send you a proof — sometimes as soon as the same business day!
How do I send the eCard once it’s done?
With every one of our packages, we create a free email template to be sent along with your eCard. The email is coded in HTML and includes pictures and text. Using the email is as simple as “copy+paste.” If you work with an online marketing company — like Constant Contact or MailChimp — just let us know and we will bundle all of the necessary materials.
We think we want an eCard, but we’re still not 100%.
No problem! We offer one free sample eCard that will come to you with no strings attached and no commitments. Just request a free sample using our form. If you do decide to use your eCard to send out for the holiday season, then we will finalize the eCard for your email blast.